Top 2 Vape Juices of ELiquid Depot

You vape because you enjoy the flavor. It is more than just an alternative to smoking, it’s a lifestyle. ELiquid Depot understands your passion for your vape juice. They craft only the highest quality vape juices.

I’m pretty fond of the flavors that ELiquid Depot has been putting out. From the big, juicy fruits like Strawberry Watermelon Candy and my personal favorite, Fruity blue raspberry candy, to the Strawberry shortcake ice cream, I have never been anything less than impressed by the quality of their product.

After vaping through about 10ml of Autumn juice the only thing I really knew was that I liked it, and somewhere in the mix, there was a bakery like an essence. I tasted some Caramel, Apple, and Pears, but I could not quite pinpoint an overall, singular flavor, just a very satisfying, sweet, and easy bakery/dessert style vape. Somewhere during the latter half of my second day with Autumn, I reached a point where I was able to discern more than just the general tone of the vape and nail down the elusive glue that holds this vape juice together, apple pie. Mind you, this is not completely an apple pie vape. It’s a flavor unto itself that incorporates the pie flavor but brings it together with a good deal of pear and a fairly strong candy-like caramel.

Out of all the vape juice I’ve tasted from ELiquid Depot to date, this one is the most complex, but in a fascinating way. Rather than a finely textured, multi-layered profile, all the flavors blend seamlessly into one another to create a single, unique flavor. It is sweet, but quite soft, and a bit more delicate than the rest of ELiquid Depot’s line-up when it comes to wattage.

If you get this one too hot without the necessary airflow, and you will know it. Interestingly enough, I vaped it to a cool 8.8w or 4.7v on a 2.5Ω atomizer. This wattage led me to the optimal flavor profile, while still producing an ample cloud of vapor, and a good throat hit.

The second most liked flavor is Twist which is Mango Peach Pineapple Fusion vape juice. I don’t usually do very much research before getting started on a review, instead relying on my palate to tell me what’s inside. I was indeed a bit surprised to discover that while there certainly is some peach in this vape juice, the most noticeable flavor is a very impressive, sweet, natural mango flavor that presents immediately on the inhale. While the mango seems to dominate (ever so slightly), there are two other flavors present in the mix that seamlessly blend into the profile lending the juice some depth and character. The first is clearly the anticipated Pineapple. It’s a ripe, juicy to be precise, that works extremely well with the sweet and slightly tart mango.

The final flavor in the blend is a little harder to pin down. After almost two solid days of vaping this juice, I’m fairly confident that it’s Peach. This lends the juice an additional tropical like quality, as well as a subtle earthy, almost musky note adding further depth and a greater sense of balance.